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travelling to the central region of Sardinia Nuoro-Orgosolo

Political bandits,Murals & BBQ's with the shepherds

Everyone is up and ready for a big day in the hills, we board the coach for the 1 hour 40 minute drive to Nuoro, time to research why Orgosolo is such a drawcard and the comments below from Wikipedia sum it up. you could spend a day in this hilltop village of 37000 inhabitants. Im not big on Graffitti but these are murals with a statement. Rumour has it that certain people from Sicily and other areas were taken prisoner by the locals of the Orgosolo area to prove who was in charge. Dont try to muscle in on our turf i think the message was.

Orgosolo iis a comune (municipality) located in the Province of Nuoro, in the autonomous region of Sardinia, at about 110 kilometres (68 mi) north of Cagliari and about 13 kilometres (8 mi) south of Nuoro. The municipality is famous for its murales. These political paintings can be found on walls all over Orgosolo. Since about 1969, the murals reflect different aspects of Sardinia's political struggles but also deal with international issues.
The village of Orgosolo is located about 17 miles from Nuoro, the capital of the province. Despite the geological seclusion, the murals have tremendously rich content, from countryside view to global history. The Sardinia Island has about 250 paintings and 150 of those were contributed from the Orgosolo village.

Orgosolo's mural emerged in the late 60's. It was during the time when Italy’s “economy miracle” collapsed by massive strikes and social unrest [1]. Especially, the later 1973 oil crisis abruptly terminated this economy boom. Thus, murals became a major expression of the social discontent. The first mural in Orgosolo is carried out in 1969 by Dionisio, an anarchist theater company in Milan. She questioned: "What is the role of the island in the Italian government's policy?” After the idea of mural spread into this small village, a local teacher, Francesco Del Casino, played an important role. The early works was carried out by his students. Later on, more experienced workers took the job, making the murals more elaborate both in the style and in the content. Francesco Del Casino will be the instigator of most paintings of the village of Orgosolo. One of his major motivations was to get students involved in politics. Therefore, murals were featured by the oppression of Nazism, struggling for liberation, unemployment ratio and education problem. Even though many kinds of topics were introduced, political events are still the major topics of the mural.


some terrific little bars and cantina's in the town, and it would have been good to spend some more time here but we had more surprises coming our way as we headed out from Orgosolo further into the hills for a lunch with the shepherds of Orgosolo. These guys have supplemented there spartan income by preparing pit roasted piglet , with a bunch of other local delicacies including cheeses, salami, local breads, wine from the bucket, and a bunch of great guys. I'm not a favorite of mass luncheons, but this is done perfectly. Well worth a visit.


the singing is haunting, the dance traditional, the wine endless, a lot of fun had by all.

We head for home with one more stop along the way to visit the ruins at Abbasanta of themost famous Nuraghe dwelling dating back to about 1200BC . www.nutahelosa.net


30 minutes later and we are back to our base. 2 hours free to get some needed exercise, then ready for our final dinner in Sardinia, and what a night it turns out to be.

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Cooking up a storm in Oristano

preparing local dishes in the morning kitchen, then Island adventures off the Peninsula of Sinis.

Given that seafood is a staple in this region its no wonder that as we don aprons in the kitchen at Sa Pedrera that its seafood we will be preparing. Chef Claudio wins all the girls hearts as we gather in the kitchen . We are to prepare 2 sauces for dishes we will consume at lunch time. All these dishes are available thru www.sardiniaflavour.com and they are so simple, like most Italian dishes 4-5 ingredients maximum, all cooked slowly . One pasta with Squid, mussels, prawns and the little local pasta Fregola , to make Fregola con i Fruiti di Mare (Seafood Fregola)
Really interactive session, which we celebrated with a little Prosecco after 2 hours in the kitchen.


The session is followed by lunch where we get to taste what we cooked. Preceded with a meat and cheese and bread anti pasta, more Prosecca , a few Vermentina's and a selection of Grappa's, which seem to have arrived from our visit the the Agritourisimo yesterday.


the afternoon is a chance to recover with a trip to an island off the coast , 30 minutes in a rubber ducky, 10 of us aboard.IMG_0308.jpgIMG_0301.jpgIMG_0299.jpgIMG_0291.jpgIMG_0289.jpg

back in time for a few beers and the local bar before preparing for a special night.

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The coastal village of San Giovanni di Sinis

a beautiful village , peaceful and worth a visit

the pics tell it as it was, beautiful light in this typical coastal hamlet. Didn't seem to be a lot of action





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Oristano -- the base for 3 nights

a peaceful location between Oristano & S Giovanni Sinis

After the amazing Agritourisimo luncheon at Morgonongiori earlier today, another meal seemed beyond comprehension, but as we checked into Sinis Vacanze Sa Pedrera , in the rural setting between Oristano & Sinis, we were briefed on times for the next feast. this was going to be a challenge to get through the next 2 weeks !!!
Luckily tonight was a much lighter affair, in fact seafood for all courses (except the cheeses and desserts)
Starting with a Prosecco , local and superb, and followed by breads covered with the "caviar" of mullet roe, a squid and cucumber salad, Mussels, and then platters of grilled local mullet and 2 other types of fish and a sardine, Then came cheeses & a crunchy filo pie filled with Pecorino and apple, amazing.


the wines were all local, including 2 whites, the Nuragus, like a verhdelo, 2 Vermentino's, which is the star of this region, big fruity aromatics, minerally, and then 2 reds, Carignano & Cannonau. my pick being the Cannonau

Bikes booked for plenty of exercise in the morning. Time to check out Sinis.

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First night Rome then Sardinia

the first of 22 pasta dishes and La Passeggiata

sunny 27 °C

After 12 hours from Singapore it was time to meet our foodie followers and share dinner before crashing , but firstly IMG_0051


we were hosted to a wonderful lunch up in the parks of Villa Borghese at Casina Valadier a place of heritage with commanding views down over the Spanish steps and across to the Vatican city. An amazing start to what was going to be an incredible 2 weeks tasting our way around ItalyIMG_0056.jpgIMG_0060.jpgIMG_0068.jpgIMG_0061.jpgIMG_0071.jpgIMG_0072.jpg Definitely worth trying , the service was impeccable , food outstanding and matched with wines from Rome. Very well priced compared to other top end restaurants. the benchmark was set.
Back at the Hotel Nord Nuova ( near the Station end of Nationale we share the excitement with a briefing in the rooftop bar mapping out the first week IMG_0075.jpg before a 2 hour walking tour of Rome finishing up with , yes, another meal this time at a local Trattoria near the rugby Stadium IMG_0132.jpg and hosted by former Italian Rugby personality and winemaker Christian Bertone.
Jet lag is setting in as we head home to the hotel.
Let the tour begin.

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